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Welcome to Premium High Quality Oils.

We offer a full range of lubricants used in industries ranging from motor oil for transport and ending with hydraulic oils, coolants for the equipment. Supply of lubricants produced in the short term, as most types of products always available in stock and delivery produced by company’s transport.
Prices for the proposed products may vary depending on market conditions and agreed upon at the time of shipment. We hope that our prices will pleasantly surprise you.

MAGNUM trademark was registered in 2003 under the number M 51872. Products manufactured under this brand - it is a wide range of lubricants class: synthetic and mineral engine oils, marine oils and gear oils, hydraulic fluids, antifreeze.
MAGNUM is an optimal ratio of high-quality product and its value.

Products under the brand MAUZER widely used for agricultural machinery, road transport, industrial machinery. The range consists of a wide range of motor, transmission, hydraulic oils, greases and brake fluids for all types of transport, antifreeze, cleaning fluids and distilled water. The products are available in packages of 0.5 litres to 210 litters, as well as in bottled form.

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Disal ltd became an official distribution of Magnum Lubricants. Contact our sales team for pricing and more information.
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